With consistency and a 20-year presence in the Greek market, we offer solutions and products that are applied to Floor | Bathroom | Wall.

Seamless flooring & Bathroom without joints.Mineral plasters and paints.Mineral microcemento.Resin waterproof floor2wall.Mineral Surfaces.Αrchitectural Surfaces.

Wide use and application in private & holiday homes, hotels, shops, office spaces, restaurants, cafes, and more.

The ELEKTA company produces its products in Italy, based in Como, where it uses high-quality raw materials with respect to the environment through the selection of ecological and sustainably viable products.

Unified Floor | Bathroom | Wall without joints with systems

    • Natural cement paste PASTELLONE 2.0 mineral micro cement
    • EPOX CEMENT resin paste
    • Resin Paste
    • Venetian Mosaic


    • Natural plasters CALCE TERRA & aggregates
    • Natural dyes CALCE TERRA
    • Travertine – Marmorino in paste. (Natural plasters)
    • Techniques and more.



The company VIERO decoratives belongs to the multinational group CROMOLOGY, produces its products in Italy, and is based in LUCCA.


    • Marble pastes – Marmorino in paste (Natural plasters)
    • Travertine in paste (Natural plasters)
    • Techniques and more
    • Made in Tuscany Terre Etrusche | Petra Apuana | Bolgheri